Città di Venezia

Cruising amongst the Villas

River Brenta originates from Caldonazzo Lake and flows southward down the Valsugana region and up until Bassano. It then runs through a valley to reach the northern part of Padua where it splits into two branches. One branch of the river continues its journey to Venice whereas the other branch, the well-known Naviglio del Brenta, follows its winding path to Noventa Padovana through Stra, Fiesso, Dolo, Mira, Fusina and finally ends its course by flowing into Venice.

To this day sailing slowly through Riviera del Brenta from Padua to Venice and back brings to life particular moments heirs of the ancient traditions while tour guides on board take passengers on a journey through the art, history and culture of the Villas that line river Brenta, brings to life particular moments heirs of the ancient traditions.

Discover with us and with the Tour Operator of the Brenta Canal this special experience:Artemartours, Antoniana, Delta Tour, Il Burchiello, Navigazione Tiepolo

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