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Itineraries and experiences

The Riviera del Brenta and Terra dei Tiepolo are ever more important destinations for the so-called “slow” tourism which focuses on quality with alternative means of transport and experiences, closer to the spirit of the place to be discovered: bicycle and boat excursions, romantic walks through verdant landscapes immersed in art and culture, excellent food and services and important attractions.

Significant parts of the natural environment of the Riviera del Brenta and Terra dei Tiepolo still survive today in "relict" areas of extraordinary importance. 

While the Venice Lagoon, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is an ecosystem of great interest at international level, the fish farming lagoons in the area of the Riviera del Brenta beyond the Romea highway create a particularly "magical" landscape, where restoration of an ecological system ideal for the stopover and nesting of various species of migratory bird and the more than 200,000 waterbirds present make the WWF Nature Reserve of Valle Averto the most important wintering site in Italy. 

Near the lagoon, on a narrow strip of plain delimited to the north by the line of karst springs, the environment is characterised by the plants and wildlife typical of karst watercourses and the habitats of the Venice Lagoon. 

The Terra del Tiepolo includes a number of important wetland sites created by the renaturalisation of former quarries, today important refuges for migrating and sedentary birds.  Easy to visit and accessible on foot, these areas represent a sort of "green network" which can also be explored comfortably by bicycle. 

The four characteristic and evocative locks or Vinci gates and nine turn bridges on the Brenta Canal and numerous connecting waterways running from north and south between the Mirano and Saccisica areas weave a network of itineraries of exceptional historical and natural value. 

For enthusiasts of open air activities and wellness, the Terra dei Tiepolo offers a famous 18-hole golf club designed by Arnold Palmer, a 40,000 sq m water park offering swimming pools, play areas, shady corners and picnic areas and a centre with spa waters and natural treatments. 

There are also numerous services dedicated to sports lovers with modern well-equipped sports facilities. 

All this makes visiting the Riviera del Brenta and Terra dei Tiepolo an extraordinary, seductive and magical experience... evocative landscapes, hidden romantic corners, ancient hamlets preserved miraculously just as they appear in paintings by artists such as Canaletto, Bellotto, Cimaroli, Costa, Coronelli and Tiepolo. 

Each place has its own story and wherever you go you can enjoy the hospitality and cuisine which have made this land famous, breathing a unique atmosphere whatever the season. 

Places of interest

- Campagna Lupia > the fish farms in the South Lagoon

- Campolongo Maggiore > nature trails on foot or bicycle along the River Brenta

- Camponogara > the church of Cà Diedo

- Dolo > town centre, monumental boatyard

- Fiesso d’Artico > banks of the Brenta canal 

- Fossò > 18th century church and triple lancet window of the former Villa Pisani

- Mira > walk along the right bank of the Brenta to Oriago

- Pianiga > church of San Martino Vescovo 

- Stra > Villa Pisani and the Museum of the Shoe 

- Vigonovo > the small square of Via Veneto 

- Martellago > Ca’ della Nave Golf Club 

- Mirano > the little Castle and Belvedere caves

- Noale > medieval fortress of Tempesta 

- Santa Maria di Sala > Villa Farsetti

- Salzano > Museum of the Spinning Mill

- Scorzè > Bicycle and foot path along the banks of the River Dese – Mulino Todori Nature Reserve

- Spinea > oratory of Santa Maria Assunta

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