Città di Venezia

How to reach the Riviera del Brenta

From the A4 and A27 motorways, the recommended exits are “Venezia-Mestre” (or “Padova Est”) and “Quarto d’Altino” respectively. Continue in the direction of Padua (or Venice), following the indications for Riviera del Brenta.  From the A13 motorway, take the “Padova Z.I.” exit.

The nearest railway stations are Mestre-Venezia and Padua, well connected with ACTV line 53 buses or the local train network, the Venice-Padua line, stopping at Mira-Mirano, Dolo and Pianiga-Vigonza, or the Venice-Adria line, stopping at Oriago, Mira Buse, Casello 11-Calcroci, Camponogara-Campagna Lupia and Casello 8-Bojon.

Between March and October each year, the Burchiello boat service links the Riviera del Brenta from Oriago with Venice and Padua

How to reach Terra dei Tiepolo

From the A4 and A22 motorways, the recommended exits are “Mirano-Dolo” and “Venezia-Mestre” respectively. Continue in the direction of Treviso, following the indications for Miranese.  From the A57 "Passante di Mestre" by-pass, the recommended exits are “Spinea” and “Martellago”.

The nearest railway station is Mestre-Venezia, well connected with ACTV buses (line 2E for Scorzè, 4DE for Salzano and Noale, 5E for Maerne and Noale, 6E for Martellago and Scorzè, 7E for Spinea and Mirano), the local Venice-Castelfranco train service, stopping at Maerne di Martellago, Salzano/Robegano and Noale and the Venice-Padua line, stopping at Mira-Mirano.

The airports of Venice Marco Polo and Treviso Canova are served by ATVO buses with a direct service to Venice, changing at Piazzale Roma for ACTV lines.

There is a regular boat service from the Fusina Terminal linking Venice with Fusina and from there ACTV buses.

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