Città di Venezia


Particularly during the summer, the Riviera del Brenta and Terra dei Tiepolo offer a wide range of music and cultural events.

This delicate land, a mosaic of natural sites and historic towns and villages set in a landscape of rare fascination, far from the routes of mass tourism, has invented a new way of living leisure which successfully valorises the heritage of folklore and popular devoutness with village fêtes, fairs, carnivals, markets and themed exhibitions, events which take place throughout the year.

Main events in the municipalities of the Riviera del Brenta and Terra dei Tiepolo

- Carnival in Villa > Stra

- Carnival of Cakes > Campolongo Maggiore

- Doge's Half Marathon > Riviera del Brenta

- Flowers festivals form April to June in the Riviera del Brenta and Terra dei Tiepolo

- Historical re-enactment of the Palio > Noale

- Riviera Fiorita > Riviera del Brenta from Stra to Malcontenta

- Palio del Ruzzante > Fiesso d’Artico

- Venice Marathon Riviera del Brenta from Stra to Venice

- Zogo de l’Oca > Mirano

- Christmas fairs from December to Jannuary in the Riviera del Brenta and Terra dei Tiepolo

The key events are perhaps, in the Riviera del Brenta, the Venice Marathon and Riviera Fiorita with a procession of traditional Venetian boats, the Zogo dell’Oca and Palio, together with numerous other appointments which tell of this land and represent a unique and enthralling way of living it to the full.

There are plenty of opportunities to visit the Riviera del Brenta, and each event is accompanied by excellent gastronomic opportunities to be shared with friends and families."

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