Città di Venezia

Hospitality and typical cuisine, the gastronomy

Staying in this area with its age-old tradition of hospitality can be a splendid and fantastic experience.

There are numerous accommodation possibilities: various categories of hotel, villas and stately homes transformed into prestigious hotels, mostly small, family run and tastefully furnished with period furniture, bed&breakfast and agrotourisms, campsites, holiday homes, rooms to let and holiday flatlets all testify to a welcome and comfort with style.

The beauty of a place can also be discovered by tasting the wide array of local dishes: from hearty meats, to elegant fish dishes or delicate desserts there is no shortage of options. As for dining hotspots, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to restaurants and foodie hubs.

Seafood cuisine is undoubtedly the highlight of the area’s culinary scene. Thanks to its history and traditions that are deeply woven into the ones of the Serenissima, you will be able to explore different flavors of freshly caught fish from the lagoon: these local ingredients in Riviera are reinvigorated with a modern twist.

The numerous gastronomic delicacies include “moleche” (crabs fried while their carapace is still soft), “masenete” (boiled crabs served “open”), “bovoleti” (small snails served with ground garlic and parsley), “sarde in saor” (fried sardines marinated in a cold sweet-and-sour sauce of onions, pine nuts and raisins), “risi e bisi” (rice with peas), risotto with goby, dried cod, eel and “bosega” (boiled grey mullet from the fish farms), all accompanied by a good bottle of Veneto wine, prosecco or pinot grigio, merlot or cabernet.

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