Città di Venezia

Villa Valmarana


Via Valmarana, 11 - 30034 Mira (Venezia) - Ph +39 041 4266387

Located on the right bank of the Brenta River, the buildings of Villa Valmarana dominate the view of those traveling along the road or the famous Naviglio that connects Padua with Venice. Built in the sixteenth century by the Dolfin family, it consisted of a central body externally very simple and two wings with functions of agricultural warehouse on the left and stable on the right.

After passing through several noble families, the property comes into the possession of the Valmarana family in the early 1700s. Prospero Valmarana, son of Leonardo Valmarana, a merchant in silk cocoons, after achieving numerous entrepreneurial successes in the East on the Silk Road, acquires the noble title from the Republic of Venice.

Firstly, he decides to establish his private life in Mira, thus naming his home Palazzo Valmarana. He commissioned Giorgio Massari to refurbish the wing used as a stable, transforming it into a Guest House. And so began the true life of Villa Valmarana, which we invite you to discover.